3Dimenzia known in the field of 3D printing, is entering the market with an innovative concept. This new product is offering a progressive impulse to our customers to perfectly present their ideas and visions in the form of 3D models.

3Dimenzia is a Slovak company ready to meet the demands of clients in the field of 3D printing on an international scale. One of the fundamental principles of its functioning is a customer-oriented approach to address the individual needs of customers. We treat each assignment as a unique project, enabling us to achieve exceptional results backed by client satisfaction. Thanks to the fact that the majority owner and business partner is the advertising agency MYMEDIA, we can guarantee not only the functionality of the 3D model, but we also place an emphasis on an aesthetic and attractive design with precise detail.

We offer you the opportunity to reach your clients in an innovative way. Forget about the demanding visualizations and lengthy explanations. Present your materialized ideas! Thanks to the countless options, our technology finds application in the technical fields - architecture, automotive, aviation industry, as well as in the fields of art, design, marketing, education, research, health and others.
To capture a 3D model it is enough to provide photography, a visualization or drawing, based on which our team of clever 3D graphic artists ensures quality modelling and a model preparation for production, so that the final product is a perfect miniature of reality.

We create your 3D model for you...

  • creatively
  • precisely
  • flexibly
and without limitations to the...

  • shape
  • colours
  • scale of details

  • Do not get bound by conventionality... exceed the boundaries of your own imagination.

Preparation for printing:

The production of 3D models involves several steps. The first step is the production of a 3D model using the software according to your specifications. The type and quality of the supplied materials are decisive for further work related to graphical plotting and professional modelling.
Works related to the model's preparation for printing require the high professionalism of graphic designers and know-how tested through practice.
Thus the model is then converted to a format readable by a 3D printer and ready for printing.
If you do not have your own foundation, we will design a model based on your ideas and present it to you for approval.

3D model printing:

We print the actual model on a 3D printer on the principle of the gradual deposition of thin layers of plastic (ABS and PLA). For the other model components we prepare material design possibilities so that the final model looks as real as possible (e.g. the Plexiglas windows on buildings, metal railings, craft lawn and trees...). The advantage of 3D printing is a wide range of colours that can be adapted during the actual process. But the final model colour is mainly adjusted during the surface finishing.


Within the final adjustments the model's surface is treated (sanding, spraying filler, coating, varnish, paint, lubrication, etc.). The individual components are combined into a final form, in the end with important, interesting and aesthetic details.

Print speed and model durability:

The print speed is determined by the thickness of the layers, the fineness of the detail and the size of the model. The resistance of 3D models is given by the material used in printing and the surface treatment. These parameters are highly variable and we'd be happy to inform you about them upon a particular query.


The construction of the 3D model is attractive in terms of saving money and time compared to the standard production process. We will prepare a quote for your 3D model.
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For the production of 3D models we use architectural design. Its use is possible in all types of buildings – houses and apartments, hotels, exhibition galleries, shopping malls, conference buildings, sports facilities, etc. A 3D model of a property allows the concise presentation of the construction details and the compositional solution in space. The precise design and complementary colour solution helps to create a real image. It is an excellent means for architects and developers in the presentation of their projects. It certainly also arouses interest as an alternative of your own house in a "historic" version, or an unusual gift promising to actually materialize one’s dreams regarding new housing.

The harmony of shapes and a perfect smooth finish subtly permeates the sporting soul and inspires the desire to touch the real model. Its use has been found in prototypes and existing models. A unique way to afford drifting into fantasy...

Artwork or a modern item... a little piece of art with real emotion right in your palm. Inspire not only art connoisseurs, but also delight family and friends with your original gift containing your 3D portrait!

Take the opportunity to lure your customers with an original logo. Create a smile and admiration with memorable and imaginative advertising items. Dare to do the unimaginable, give a unique gift...

If you manufacture a product whose real size limits the possibilities of promotion right before customers, take the miniature sample with you to the presentation. With this choice it is easy to succeed. Give your client the opportunity to see your products “in person”. You choose the reduction ratio yourself. Whether a chair or a complex cubicle system...we materialize for you whatever your client can imagine.